July 2023
July is the seventh month of the year, it has 31 Days.

The month of July was named in honour of Roman General Julius Caesar.

In 2023, July starts on Saturday and ends on Monday. It has 5 Saturday and 5 Sunday. Also, in this month 2 Indian Public Holidays/Festivals celebrating across the country and there 2 day Kerala also celebrating.

Malayalam month Mithunam 16 to 31 days are coming in July month as its ending on 16th July and Karkkadakam starting on 17th July. Karkkadakam 15 days completing in July month on 31st July.

July 2023
July 2023

Kerala Public Holidays

08-Jul ബക്രീദ്

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KeraIa Important Festivals

08-Jul ബക്രീദ്

Important Days

01 Jul
   : Doctor’s Day
   :  National CA day
   : GST Day
   : National Gingersnap Day
   : National U.S. Postage Stamp Day
   : Canada Day
   : National Postal Worker Day
02 Jul
: World Sports Journalists Day,
   : International Day of Cooperatives
   : World UFO Day
  : National Anisette Day
03 Jul
: National Fried Clam Day
  : International Plastic Bag Free Day
04 Jul : USA Independence Day
06 Jul : World Zoonoses Day
07 Jul : World Chocolate Day
  : National Sugar Cookie Day
11 Jul : World Population Day
  : National 7-Eleven Day
  : National Simplicity Day
  : Paper Bag Day.
  : Malala Day
25 Jul: World Embryologist Day
26 Jul: Kargil Vijay Diwas
28 Jul: World Hepatitis Day
29 Jul: International Tiger Day
30 Jul: International Day of Friendship
31 Jul: World Ranger Day

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