April is the fourth month of the year, it has 30 Days.

April comes from the Latin word aperire, meaning to open.

April 2021 starts on Thursday and ends on Friday. It has 4 Saturday and 4 Sunday. In April 2021, 10 Indian Public Holidays/Festivals celebrating across the country and there 3 days Kerala also celebrating.

Malayalam month Meenam 18 to 29 days are coming in April month as its ending on 13th April and Medam starting on 14th April. Meddam 17 days completing in April month on 30th April.

KeraIa Important Festivals

01-Apr പെസഹ വ്യാഴം
02-Apr ദു:ഖവെള്ളി
04-Apr ഈസ്റ്റർ
14-Apr വിഷു
25-Apr മഹാവീര ജയന്തി

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