August 2024: A Celebration of Traditions and Global Events

August’s Significance
Named after Roman Emperor Augustus Caesar, August 2024, the eighth month, unfolds with 31 days of festivities. Starting on a Monday and ending on a Wednesday, it’s a time rich in cultural and historical significance.

Kerala’s Cultural Transition
In Kerala, the Malayalam month transitions from Karkkadakam to Chingam, starting on August 17th. This period is celebrated with traditional festivals, reflecting the region’s rich heritage.

India’s Independence Day
Across India, August 15th is a day of national pride, commemorating Independence Day. Celebrations include flag hoisting and cultural programs, showcasing the nation’s freedom journey.

Summer Fun in the USA
In the USA, August is a month for enjoying summer. It’s filled with outdoor activities and festivals, celebrating the diversity and spirit of the American community.

Festivities in the UK
Meanwhile, the UK relishes its summer with music and cultural festivals. These events bring people together, celebrating British culture and the summer season.

Global Observances
Internationally, August features important days like International Youth Day on August 12th and World Humanitarian Day on August 19th, focusing on youth empowerment and humanitarian efforts.

Embracing August’s Diversity
In summary, August 2024 is a blend of local and global celebrations. From Kerala’s traditional changes to India’s Independence Day, and from the USA’s summer events to worldwide observances, the month showcases a diverse array of cultural and historical events.

August 2024
August 2024

KeraIa Public Holidays

07-Aug മുഹറം
15-Aug സ്വാതന്ത്ര്യദിനം

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