April 2023
April is the fourth month of the year, it has 30 Days.

April comes from the Latin word aperire, meaning to open.

In 2023, April starts on Satuarday and ends on Sunday. It has 5 Saturday and 5 Sunday. Also,  in this month 4 Indian Public Holidays/Festivals celebrating across the country and there are 4 days Kerala also celebrating.

Malayalam month Meenam 18 to 31 days are coming in April month as its ending on 14th April and Medam starting on 15th April. Medam 16 days completing in April month on 30th April.

April 2023
April 2023

Kerala Public Holidays

06-Apr പെസഹ വ്യാഴം
07-Apr ദു:ഖവെള്ളി
09-Apr ഈസ്റ്റർ
15-Apr വിഷു


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KeraIa Important Festivals

06-Apr പെസഹ വ്യാഴം
07-Apr ദു:ഖവെള്ളി
09-Apr ഈസ്റ്റർ
15-Apr വിഷു 

Important Days in Apr 2023

01 Apr: Utkal Diwas, April Fools’ Day
02 Apr: World Autism Awareness Day
04 Apr: International Day for Mine Awareness
05 Apr: National Maritime Day
07 Apr: World Health Day
10 Apr: World Homeopathy Day
11 Apr: National Safe Motherhood Day, National Pet Day
14 Apr: Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Jayanti , Vaisakhi
18 Apr: World Heritage Day
19 Apr: World Liver Day

Important Days in Apr 2023

21 Apr: Civil Services Day, Secretaries Day
22 Apr: Earth Day
23 Apr: World Book and Copyright Day
24 Apr: National Panchayatiraj Day
25 Apr: World Malaria Day
26 Apr: World Intellectual Property Day
27 Apr: World Veterinary Day
28 Apr: World Day for Safety and Health at Work
29 Apr: International Dance Day
30 Apr: Ayushman Bharat Diwas

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