September 2024: A Blend of Autumn Celebrations and Cultural Diversity

September’s Rich Heritage
In September 2024, this ninth month, named from the Latin ‘septem’ meaning seven, offers a vibrant tapestry of global and cultural events over its 30 days. Starting on a Sunday and ending on a Monday, it marks the transition from summer to autumn.

Cultural Shifts in Kerala
In Kerala, the Malayalam calendar sees a transition from Chingam to Kanni, starting on September 17th. This period is celebrated with local festivities, reflecting Kerala’s rich traditions.

Indian Festivities
Across India, Ganesh Chaturthi stands out in September, a festival honoring Lord Ganesha, marked by grand processions and colorful celebrations, showcasing India’s cultural diversity.

USA and UK Observances
The USA observes Labor Day in early September, celebrating workers’ contributions. Meanwhile, the UK enjoys the onset of autumn with various cultural events, embracing the seasonal shift.

Global Significance
Internationally, September hosts important days like International Literacy Day, highlighting the value of education. The Autumn Equinox also occurs, symbolizing balance and seasonal change.

September’s Global Mosaic
Overall, September 2024 intertwines cultural, historical, and environmental significance from Kerala’s traditional changes to India’s festive fervor, and from American and British seasonal observances to global commemorations, creating a month rich in diversity and unity.

September 2024
September 2024

Kerala Public Holidays

20-Sep ശ്രീനാരായണ ഗുരു സമാധി

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