October 2024: A Celebration of Autumn and Cultural Diversity

October’s Origins
October, named from the Latin ‘Octo,’ is the tenth month with 31 days. It begins on a Sunday and ends on a Tuesday in 2024, offering a blend of cultural festivities and autumnal charm.

Cultural Shifts in Kerala
In Kerala, the transition from Kanni to Thulam starts on October 17th. This period is marked by local festivals, showcasing Kerala’s rich traditions.

Festivities Across India
India celebrates vibrant festivals like Navratri and Dussehra in October. These events, filled with music and color, highlight India’s cultural diversity.

USA’s Halloween Fun
In the USA, October is synonymous with Halloween. Celebrated on the 31st, it’s a time for costumes, treats, and community enjoyment.

Autumn in the UK
The UK enjoys autumn in October, with cultural and harvest festivals. It’s a time of crisp air, changing leaves, and seasonal activities.

Global Observances
Internationally, October includes important days like World Mental Health Day on October 10th. United Nations Day on October 24th promotes peace and cooperation.

Embracing October’s Spirit
Overall, October 2024 blends local traditions and global celebrations. From Kerala’s festivals to India’s and the USA’s vibrant observances, the UK’s autumnal events, and worldwide commemorations, October is a testament to cultural richness and diversity.

October 2024
October 2024

Kerala Public Holidays

02-Oct ഗാന്ധിജയന്തി
14-Oct നബിദിനം

23-Oct മഹാനവമി
24-Oct വിജയദശമി

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