March 2023
March is the third month of the year, it has 31 Days.

March comes from Martius, the name of Roman God of wars. Mars was named because several festivals were carried out in that month in the honor of the War God.

In 2023, March starts on Wednesday and ends on Friday. It has 4 Saturday and 4 Sunday. In March 2022, 1 Indian Public Holidays/Festivals celebrating across the country and there is 1 holiday in Kerala.

Malayalam month Kumbham 17 to 30 days are coming in March month as its ending on 14th March and Meenam starting on 15th March. Meenam 17 days completing in March month on 31st March.

March 2023
March 2023

Kerala Public Holidays

08-Mar ഹോളി

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KeraIa Important Festivals

08-Mar ഹോളി

Important Days in Mar 2023

01 Mar: Zero Discrimination Day, World Civil Defence Day
03 Mar: World Wildlife Day, World Hearing Day
04 Mar: National Security Day
08 Mar: International Women’s Day
08 Mar: No Smoking Day (Second Wednesday of March)
09 Mar: World Kidney Day (Second Thursday of March)
14 Mar: International Day of Action for Rivers, Pi Day
15 Mar: World Consumer Rights Day
18 Mar: Ordnance Factories Day
20 Mar: International Day of Happiness, World Sparrow Day
21 Mar: World Forestry Day, World Down Syndrome Day, World Poetry Day
22 Mar: World Water Day
23 Mar: World Meteorological Day
24 Mar: World TB Day
27 Mar: World Theater Day

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